Kathleen teaches Voiceover at The Second City in Chicago. She incorporates improvisation as a technique to learn how to be in the moment, create instant characters, silence the inner critic, and learn to think on your feet. No matter what your profession, you’ll learn a lot about yourself and what you can accomplish!

"For me, it’s instilling an approach. A process. From having a POV, to understanding the story of the script, to the energy and the smile. The technique is applicable in corporate life, and voiceovers. It’s critical, and I value and appreciate its importance." Tony Compton, Advanced Voiceover Student

If you haven't taken this class with Kathleen Puls Andrade, you're missing out on something worthy of your time. Awesome class! -Jim Johnson

Beginning Voiceover for Improvisers at Second City
This 8-week course covers an introduction to the exciting and lucrative world of commercial and character voiceover. Improvisation is a skill that is actively sought after in voiceover artists and this class is about helping the student discover what they will need to get started in the world of voiceover. During this class you'll learn about mic technique, demos, the difference between narrator and character reads, rates, tips, tricks and resources for building your career in the Chicago voiceover scene. At the end of class you will receive mp3 files of your work.
Prerequisites: Improv Level B or Instructor Approval

Advanced Voiceover at Second City
This workshop is not offered every term. If you would like to be informed when it becomes available,
click here.
This five-week advanced voiceover intensive expands on the beginning voiceover course. We'll focus on creating a character repertoire using improvisational techniques behind the mic, narration, commercials, multiple character copy, difficult copy, real people, your brand, and more. You'll learn about auditions, demos and what it takes to make a living in voiceover and get the skills you need to compete in the voiceover world.
Students will receive more personalized attention in one of the top professional recording studios in Chicago.
Please note: This workshop will not be held at the Chicago Training Center. Students will need to go to ARU, 625 N Michigan Avenue, Suite 2400, Chicago IL 60611

Voice Actor's Bootcamp

A Full Day Workshop

Want to strengthen your dialect skills? Got a commercial voiceover audition that requires a specific accent? Maybe you’re recording an audiobook full of characters, creating your own animations, or recording pages and pages of different game voices. This workshop is for you!

In the first half of Voice Actor’s Bootcamp, you’ll explore breath release and support so your voice can last for an entire session, and learn voice and speech exercises you can use every day to develop your skills. Then you’ll learn the key elements of the most in-demand accents for voiceover actors in Chicago.
After the break, you’ll put those new skills into practice, going on mic with fun and challenging gaming, animation and audiobook scripts featuring the accents you’ve just learned. Along the way, you’ll get expert coaching from two of Second City’s most accomplished teachers, Kathleen Puls Andrade and Diane Robinson.

The Voice Actor’s Bootcamp will give you a whole new tool box of voice, speech and breath exercises, and plenty of scripts, so when you’re not working a gig, you can still work on your craft!
Bring a toothbrush and toothpaste, wear clothes you can move in, and throw yourself into our rigorous and hilarious bootcamp for your mouth. Your whole body will feel it, and voice casting directors will hear the difference!